This week I will be attending RootsTech 2013 in Salt Lake City, Utah.  RootsTech is a conference that focuses on providing its attendees the latest technologies and techniques for genealogical research.  Beginning Thursday morning till Saturday afternoon, the days are packed with a variety of sessions to meet everyone’s needs.  Two tracks that are gaining a lot of attention this year are a beginners track and Story@Home, which is all about developing both traditional and new ways to tell and preserve the story of your family.  A list of all the sessions, as well a downloadable syllabus, can be found here on the RootsTech Schedule page.

The reason I decided to attend RootsTech this year was the live streaming sessions they provided last year.  For those of you not attending this year, they are doing it again!  To watch the live streaming sessions click here for the schedule and keep in mind that all times are Mountain Time.  And if memory serves, links became available there last year, once the streaming began, to take you to the video.

The Expo Hall is also bigger this year.  There will be over a hundred vendors demonstrating software, mobile apps and techniques to assist not only in gathering your research but also sharing it online and publishing it for others.

In addition to attending RootsTech I have been doing research this week at the Family History Library and will be attending the APG Professional Management Conference tomorrow and Wednesday.  It is a packed week and a half here in Salt Lake City and I am loving every minute of it!  I am filling my iPad and flash drives with tons of images to analyze once I get back home.  I have also had the pleasure of meeting many other wonderful genealogists in person that I only knew from online communities.

Whether you are thinking of attending RootsTech or another major genealogy conference, I highly recommend you do.  Not only for the information learned during the conference sessions but also for the opportunity to connect with fellow researchers!


  1. Barry Kline

    Colleen … yes it was a very busy week, but it was so worth it. If you get a chance you should watch the sessions that were streamed at RootsTech. They are archived at the RootsTech site above.