Hard to believe it has been so long since I last posted. A lot has changed in those twenty months. Most notably the passing of my maternal grandmother who has, and always will be, a source of inspiration for my genealogical research.

I also had the opportunity to work on another season of Genealogy Roadshow on PBS as a member of the research team. Season three was a fantastic experience and allowed me to research in geographical and subject areas I would not normally be exposed to. Let’s hope there will be a season four!!

Obviously there has been a change to my blog! The blog is now part of a whole new website highlighting my business, my love for the Shenandoah Valley and passion for DNA as part of genealogical research. “Down in the Valley” is a section of the website where you will find some of the sources I use and places I like to visit in the Shenandoah Valley. There are only two counties up right now, but I am working to add others and will continue to update them as I discover more resources the Valley has to offer. The Genetic Genealogy section of the website offers some basic information on the use of DNA for genealogical research. The Blog will feature posts highlighting the Shenandoah Valley and genetic genealogy as they relate to my own family research and lessons I have learned along the way. I also hope the blog will inspire you to share your own family stories online before they are lost and forgotten. And if you happen to be related to someone I blog about … please say hello! I love to meet new cousins!

I hope you subscribe to the blog and enjoy my journey to untangle my family’s roots … while trippin’ as little as possible!