Anthony Roades [Rhodes] was my 4x great grandfather who was born 21 Mar 1789 and died 4 May 1876 in Rockingham County, Virginia.  He married Anna Good on 7 Mar 1816, also in Rockingham County.


Will of Anthony Roades[1]
Rockingham County, Virginia
Will Book 2A: 721-722
Written 1872, proved September 1876
                                                          Book 2A Page 721[stamped, letter “A” penned]
I Anthony Roades Sen, A farmer of Rockingham County
Va.  Do hereby make and publish this as my last will
and testament – First I direct that after my decease,  –
my body be decently intered, in a Christian like manner.
And my soul I resine to my God who gave it, – And I dir_
        =  ect that, any personal or real estate that I may have
            left at my decease, Shall be appraised, and sold by my_
            Executors according to law, – And then, after my funeral
          _expenses and all other just debts are paid, the balance
            of my estate including bonds [_?_].  Shall be equally divided
            between my Seven children viz. Elisabeth Showalter
            Henry Roades, John Roades, Joseph Roades, Benjamin Roades
            Peter Roades & Jacob Roades  – Provided that my book_
          _account and receipts, shall be brought in by my executor
            as apart of their legacy, so that those sevenheirs will all
            be made equal in my estate, And as for my son Anthony
            and my daughter Sarah Shank, those two heirs have all
            ready received at least their full legacy, or more, in my estate
            by the use of the farm for some nine years, And the money
            I gave each of them and paid for them,  I therefore direct
            that neither of those two heirs viz. Anthony Roades
            and Sarah Shank shall have any more of my estate,  But
            that it shall be divided equally as above directed, between
            the seven heirs first above named.
            And I here by appoint my neighbor and brother in
            Christ Abraham Shank as my Executor in this my last
            will, written on a half sheet of paper, Given under my
            hand this [blank] day of [blank] 1872.
            Signed sealed and delivered in the presents of us and in the
                                                                                    presents of each other
            David Sherkey x        {
            Isaac Acker x             {           Anthony Roades
            Noah Rhodes x           {                                               {seal}
                                                            Book 2A Page 722[stamped, letter “A” penned]
            In the County Court of Rockingham County,
                                                                        September Term, 1876.
            The writing purporting to be the last will and testament
            of Anthony Roades, Sr. decd was this day presented in
            Court, and being proven by the oaths of David
            Shirkey, Isaac Acker and Noah Rhodes, the
            subscribing witnesses thereto, was admitted to
            probate and ordered to be recorded; and Abraham
            Shank the Executor therein – named appeared by
            counsel and declining to qualify on the motion
            of Henry J. Showalter, one of the heirs of the testator,
            the Estate of said Anthony Roades Sr. decd is com-
            _mitted to D.H. Rolston, Sheriff of this County, for
            administration, with the will annexed, it ap-
            _pearing to the Court that the said Anthony Roades,
            sr., has been dead more than three months,
            without an administration upon his Estate.
               And the Court doth appoint Michael Showalter,
            Joseph Wenger, Daniel Showalter and Henry
            Davis to appraise the Estate of said Anthony
            Roades Sr., any three of whom may act, after
            first being duly sworn.
                                                            JT Sogan, Clerk

[I recently created this transcription for my study group in ProGen 19.  Thank you to my group members for helping refine some points of the transcription.]

[1] Rockingham County, Virginia, Will Book 2A: 721-722, Anthony Roades; Rockingham County Circuit Court, Harrisonburg.